08 Oct

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

“I wanted to play in the NHL, tour in a band, fight in the octagon, be a missionary, build houses, shoot guns and dig wells. I couldn’t do it all. So I decided to be an actor.” Jeremy Ninaber makes his acting debut as Jacob Bradley, the leading man of Extraction Day. Here are his thoughts […]

Jacob Bradley
02 Oct

Not a Saint, Just a Preacher

Paul Dunk, stunt driver/preacher, originally joined the Extraction Day team as a performance driver.  After the team was exposed to his verbal banter and antics, Extraction Day writer Jennifer Lloyd started crafting out a major character for Paul, now known as Robert Daniels.   What is your favourite memory from being on the Extraction Day set? […]

27 Sep

Allison Busner – Extraction Day’s Leading Lady

“My arms felt like noodles … At the time I remember thinking ‘You’ll look back at this and laugh, Allison.’ I was right.” Montreal native Allison Busner started her acting career training at the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program. Once she graduated, Allison launched her professional career working in the theatre community. She performed in […]

22 Sep

Shemora Davy in Extraction Day

“My goal is to show people their full potential. A lot of people don’t realize what they can actually do. They quit too soon.” – Shemora Davy Shemora Davy was born in Saint Ann’s, Jamaica but now resides in Kitchener, Ontario. He is a body-builder, personal trainer, mentor and dedicated father to his four year […]