22 Oct

The Man Behind the Lens

“(We were) just a group of kids really, wanting to make a movie. (We fought) through conflict, weather, schedules, sickness, hospital visits, etc… and (came) out at the end of it thinking, holy $%&*, we did it!”

Tim Hutchison has worked on numerous productions with High Rise Studio. He has also shot 2 television shows and 2 feature length documentaries. We asked him about being the Director of Photography for Extraction Day. Here’s his take on the experience.


What was the funniest moment you experienced?

There were always funny moments happening on set, and often from lack of sleep. Stuff got funnier as the day went on. But the one time we accidentally set Jeff on fire was a pretty good laugh! (Sorry, Jeff.)

What was your worst experience while shooting this film?

When I look back on any time that I would consider “the worst” experience, I realize that it’s actually not such a big deal — that maybe in that moment when it was -30 outside, or pouring rain, in the middle of the night in a forest, that those stories and the commitment and resilience that came out of those shoots is what makes Extraction Day, and the experience, that much better.


 What was the most rewarding part?

The most rewarding part was seeing it all come together. From where we started, just a group of kids really, wanting to make a movie and fighting through conflict, weather, schedules, sickness, hospital visits, etc… and coming out at the end of it thinking, holy $%&*, we did it!

What other stories stand out in your memory?

The most prominent story in my mind is when the police showed up because we were shooting a scene with a SWAT team. I guess someone thought it was real enough to call the police and before we knew it we were surrounded by Waterloo Region’s finest. It’s funnier now than it was at the time.


What is it like to work with Matthew Ninaber?

Matt is an amazing director to work for. It’s not very often that you meet someone as driven as he is, and even when we were all just sick and tired of making this movie, he still pulled us along until we were back on our feet. He has a great eye for story and characters, and is always in movie-making mode. He’s going to do big things!

What got you excited about being a part of this film?

The idea that we could bring something this big and epic out of a region that isn’t necessarily known for film production — that got me really excited. I love being able to show local talent and locations to the world. I think it will bring some awesome stuff to the Waterloo Region in the future.


What surprised you most about being a part of this project?

What surprised me the most was the credit list. To see how many people invested their time and talents into this project, really blew me away. And it makes me think that we must be doing something right. We wouldn’t be where we are now without the support of every single person on that list, and I’m truly grateful for that.

Why should people see this movie?

I think that this movie is going to blow any preconceived ideas of what indie films look like out of the water. You can expect to be blown away.


Tim Hutchison spent three years studying Film at Sheridan College and focused on Lighting and Cinematography. In January 2011, he landed a Director of Photography position on a feature film that was later previewed at the Sudbury Film Festival and when that was finished he began working on Extraction Day. When he’s not behind the camera, he loves spending time with his fiancée Julia, playing hockey, riding motorcycles and sampling Micro-brewed beers from around the world. He also occasionally photographs weddings throughout Ontario and abroad with his business partner, Nicole.

Extraction Day is currently showing in Waterloo, ON. The final shows will be on October 27th. Tickets are available here.


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