22 Oct

The Man Behind the Lens

“(We were) just a group of kids really, wanting to make a movie. (We fought) through conflict, weather, schedules, sickness, hospital visits, etc… and (came) out at the end of it thinking, holy $%&*, we did it!” Tim Hutchison has worked on numerous productions with High Rise Studio. He has also shot 2 television shows and 2 feature length […]

19 Oct

The Cobra Strikes Again

“I am not use to not hitting the person in front of me. That’s just not in my DNA” Jessica Camara is a 26 year old boxer from Cambridge, Ontario. She holds the Provincial Championship title in her weight division (69kg) and is currently training for Nationals which will Qualify her for 2015 Pan Am Games […]

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.29.24 PM
14 Oct

“Mr. Tomlin, are you dying?”

When he’s not on set, Aaron Tomlin works as a teacher in the Waterloo Region District School Board. The following interview reveals his story about the making of Extraction Day – the long hours, the thrills, the surprises, and the confirmation from his students that all-nighters do him good.  What is your favourite memory of life […]

08 Oct

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

“I wanted to play in the NHL, tour in a band, fight in the octagon, be a missionary, build houses, shoot guns and dig wells. I couldn’t do it all. So I decided to be an actor.” Jeremy Ninaber makes his acting debut as Jacob Bradley, the leading man of Extraction Day. Here are his thoughts […]

Jacob Bradley
02 Oct

Not a Saint, Just a Preacher

Paul Dunk, stunt driver/preacher, originally joined the Extraction Day team as a performance driver.  After the team was exposed to his verbal banter and antics, Extraction Day writer Jennifer Lloyd started crafting out a major character for Paul, now known as Robert Daniels.   What is your favourite memory from being on the Extraction Day set? […]