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Allison Busner – Extraction Day’s Leading Lady

“My arms felt like noodles … At the time I remember thinking ‘You’ll look back at this and laugh, Allison.’ I was right.”

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Montreal native Allison Busner started her acting career training at the Dawson College Professional Theatre Program. Once she graduated, Allison launched her professional career working in the theatre community. She performed in multiple FRINGE shows and worked for local theatre companies. In those circles, Allison is best known for her performance as the leading role in Mary’s Wedding. The bilingual actress (English and French) has since moved to Toronto to focus her career on film. She has been seen in many films, such I Suck at ThisEcho Boomers and A Sister’s Revenge. Allison plays the leading role of Emily Keller in Extraction Day.

What is your favourite memory of life on the Extraction Day set?

One that comes to mind is when we shot the torture scene. It took fourteen hours and everyone was on this buzz; I love those moments. We also shot on a bunch of farms and dirt roads. As a city girl, it was a bit of a culture shock. Some days on set I felt like a kid again; I was just excited and ready to go!

What was the funniest moment you experienced?

My funniest moment on set was when we shot a chase scene and Matt asked Jeremy and I to run down a fire escape. These stairs were just thin metal bars and it was super wobbly. The direction was: “Jeremy runs down the stairs first and Allison follows”. Matt calls “ACTION!” and Jeremy (who weighs like a hundred pounds more than me) blasts down the stairs. The entire fire escape was shaking like a leaf! I was terrified of falling off — or breaking it — and my arms felt like noodles as I tried to hold onto the railing. At the time I remember thinking “You’ll look back at this and laugh, Allison”. I was right.


What was your worst experience while shooting this film?

The cold!! We had to shoot rain or shine, and it felt like most of the time it was in the rain. Jeremy had it much worse then I did, though. There was one night when we where shooting in a barn and it was freezing. I had my leather jacket, but Jeremy was in a T-shirt. That being said, I learned a new trick: wear a heating pad underneath your clothes and it will keep you warm all night!

What was the most challenging part of your character?

In the film, Emily’s father passes away. A few months before we started filming, my father also passed away. It was a very emotional time for me and I found myself crying almost every day. However, Emily mourned in a very different way. She’s a very strong character and in the weakest time of my life, I had to push my emotions away and “play” strong.


What is it like to work with Matthew Ninaber?

Matt is a very creative and talented man. I have so much respect for him because he’s making his dreams come true. Matt is a no-BS director. He knows what he wants and he wants you to deliver. I look up to Matt as a filmmaker and I can’t wait for his next projects. I feel very lucky that Matt picked me to play one of the lead roles in Extraction Day. I can only hope that I delivered the performance he wanted.

What was the most rewarding part for you?

The most rewarding part will be when I watch the movie with the rest of the cast and crew. I can’t imagine what that moment will be like for Matt, but personally, this movie has been part of my life for the last 2 years and I’m excited to see the final product.


Allison will be joining the rest of the cast and the creators of Extraction Day at the first Exclusive Showing on October 20th. Press coverage is welcomed; please contact Jacqueline at jacqueline@highrisestudio.ca to receive your pass. Tickets are also available for purchase at extractionday.com.

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